$ 32,821.75


$ 1,259.24


$ 136.39


$ 455.08

Lead Break Down(This month)



Non Trails


Crypto total Marketcap

Total Market Cap


(+5%) than Last week

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How the PlusToken pyramid launder bitcoins and how does this affect the price?

ForkLog Hub resident Pavel Gromov, also known as the “Chief by crypto”, tells about the PlusToken pyramid laundering scheme and the impact of massive sales on the price of the first cryptocurrency. In the light of the current collapse and movements on PlusToken wallets, the topic is extremely relevant.

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Blockchain will become part of the Russian economy.

The Ministry of Communications has presented a roadmap for the development of a “distributed registry system.” The project should be implemented by 2024 and will bring Russia 1,635 billion rubles

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China Central Bank ready to launch its own global cryptocurrency

Bitcoin price today usd

Top 4 Crypto Coins

# Name Coin Price Market Cap Volume (24h Price Change Change (24h)
1 Bitcoin 32,821.75 $ 610,689,829,339.00 $ 60,635,576,848.54 $ -1,522.38 $ -4.43 %
2 Ethereum 1,259.24 $ 143,982,912,929.00 $ 50,311,365,826.69 $ -41.76 $ -3.21 %
5 XRP 0.29 $ 12,975,073,398.00 $ 3,773,236,123.86 $ 0.00 $ -0.71 %
3 Tether 1.00 $ 24,837,324,371.00 $ 111,137,393,259.55 $ 0.02 $ 1.86 %

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UBS Wealth : Bitcoin Can Actually Go to Zero!

UBS Wealth strategists are warning new investors in the cryptocurrency market with "Be prepared to lose ALL your money".

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Crypto Market Breaks 1 Trillion USD to Outshine Stocks - Market Research Report

Since the end of December, and even a little prior to that, Bitcoin has been on a tear away as its price ticked off major milestones along the way. Crossing the $20,000 barrier seemed to unleash the coin’s potential as it rose in price to all time highs of $42,000.

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Dynamic return of US banking stocks

The big US banks are emerging from the tail to the protagonists of the stock market, recovering from the lows led by the pandemic crisis, as investors expect a large increase in fiscal spending in 2021.

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